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Brightmech Sdn. Bhd. Specialise in design, fabricate and supply

Manufacturing Industry

– Dust Collector, Cyclone Collector
– Air Filter, Timer Control Board & Pulse Valve
– Centralise Vacuum System
– Portable Agitator, Air Mixer, Tank Mixer
– Homogeniser, Disperser
– Flow meter, Flow Totalizer
– Rotary Joint and Union for Steam, Hydraulic & Air
– Pneumatic Clutch & Brake, Air Tube, Friction & Copper Alloy Disc

Manufacturing Industry
Food Industry

Food Industry

– Conveyor Oven, Batch Oven
– Grain Grinding Machine
– Food Extrusion & Cooking Machine
– Powder, Cream & liquid Filing Machine
– Fluid Bed Granulator
– Tumble Mixer. Ribbon Mixer

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